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Trip Captain FAQ

Wanna volunteer?

The trip captain receives a discount if they manage to fully book a trip. If this sounds interesting to you, please contact us to volunteer.  Your e-mail will be sent to the trip captain coordinator who will work with you to get started.

Question: Who gets to be a trip captain?

Every PSC adult member is eligible to be a TC.

Question: What qualifications must a TC have?

Great TCs bring a healthy, flexible, and friendly attitude to club meetings and on the trip. They are dedicated to ensuring our members have as enjoyable experience on the trip as possible. Responsibility and some organizational skill is also important.  It isn't required that TCs have first hand experience of the trip and area that they are leading, but it does help. TCs will be required to attend a short training class given by the Trip Captain Coordinator prior to being assigned as an official PSC Trip Captain. The "bible" for TCs is called the "TC Guide" and it is a comprehensive document which will help a new TC immensely.

Question: How are TCs assigned to the Trips?

The Board of Directors are given first choice to be the TC on one trip. After the BOD makes their selections, members may volunteer for the remaining trips. Final TC assignment is contingent upon attending the training session. TC assignments go early, so make your choice quickly! The TC Coordinator makes TC assignments.

Question: Are there Assistant TCs?

Yes, there are, and this is a good way to gain some experience for being a Trip Captain. Talk to an assigned TC about volunteering to help out by manning the desk, etc for him or her.

Question: What are the rewards of being a TC?

The rewards include the knowledge that you are sustaining the health and vitality of our Patch Ski Club, making new friends, and helping everyone (including yourself) have a great trip. As if that weren't enough, TCs will receive a refund for part or all of their trip costs, depending on the number of members on the trip. See the Trip Captain Guide on the PSC website for more details.4

Question: What kind of time does it take to be a TC?

After training, the TC will be given the necessary administrative and promotional materials for their duties. The TC may also need to seek out, via the web or telephone, additional information and details about the trip to answer members' questions or help prepare the trip flyer.  Trip "sales" start on the trip's "Opening Night" of a club meeting, which is usually about 2 months prior to the trip date. TCs will be expected to man their "trip desk" from 1900 to 2030 during membership meetings leading up to the trip, or have a designated TC stand-in.  Besides the time spend selling the trip at membership meetings, TCs will have to spend some time preparing their trip flyer for posting and the website, corresponding with their trip members, and making arrangements for the bus to come on base (if necessary). All business arrangements and transactions with the hotel, travel agency, and bus will be handled by the Club booking director, not the Trip Captain.

Question: What will my TC do for me?

The TC is in charge of the trip and has the full backing of the Board of Directors to enforce club policies and rules. If members have an issue with the conduct of a TC or how the trip was run, they are encouraged to bring it to the attention of the BOD once the trip is completed.  The TC will have information about the area, the lodging, transportation, trip cost, and other important details. He or she will effectively communicate with their trip members and resolve any issues as early as possible. The TC will establish all bus departure times from/to Patch Barracks, the hotel, and the ski area. The TC will make all room assignments while endeavoring to accommodate members' preferences. Please inform the TC to any special family, medical, dietary, or other needs when you sign up for the trip.

Question: What will my TC not do for me?

The TC will not have the bus and members wait for you if you are late for any departure. If you are delayed, try to contact the TC or another trip member, but the bus will normally not wait more than a few minutes! 

The TC will not arrange for anything other than what is included and advertised on the trip. This includes babysitting, ski lessons, taxis, sightseeing, hiking or cross-country trips, or massages (unless, of course the TC is the masseuse!) Most TCs will help you find additional arrangements, though, if you are nice and offer them lots of free beverages and other enticements.

The TC will not watch/discipline your children, carry your luggage and/or skis, or clean up your messes in the bus. The TC will also not loan you local currency, forge a passport if you forget yours, or bail you out of the local hoosegow.

The TC will not promise any refund to trip members, because all refunds are given with approval of the PSC BOD after the trip is completed and reconciled.

The TC will not put up with bad or rude attitudes, inappropriate behavior, or unreasonable requests. Please remember, the PSC is a volunteer organization comprised of your friends, colleagues, and neighbors. It is not a travel agency which makes money and will cater to your every whim.

Question: Where do I sign up?

Please contact the Trip Captain Coordinator to get started!

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