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There will be over 20 trips scheduled to begin in early November, lasting through the winter with non-skiing adventures in the spring and summer. The trips will be varied and range from week-long trips with lessons included to three and four day trips scheduled around the EUCOM training holidays, to 1 day quick trips.

The week-long trips with lessons normally occur at the beginning of the ski season around the holidays and are a great way to learn or re-learn how to ski or board at affordable prices so as to maximize fun during the ski season. The ski trips are a great way to spend your three and four day weekends during the winter and ensure the winter flies by until the PSC summer trips including biking, hiking, golfing, and other adventures.

The trip captains will have detailed information on each trip and are available to answer questions at the membership events.

How to sign up

To sign up for a trip, fill out a trip application and e-mail it to You can also sign up at any of our social events.

Upcoming Trips