John Gerhart

Trip Captain


Andermatt-Sedrum Ski Arena, Switzerland

19 – 21 March 2021

(Sign-ups open 19 Dec)


1/2 Double:  315€
Single:  370€
Children 6 to 16: 150€*
Children 3 to 5: 120€*
Children <3: €20

*Sharing room with parents

Trip Captain: John Gerhart



  • PSC Bus Transportation to/from Patch Barracks
  • Night Accommodation at 3 Star Hotel Badus in downtown Andermatt
  • 2 Breakfast Buffet
  • Freeshutte to cable car (Gemstock)
  • PSC Bus Transportation to/from Lift

SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun

In Andermatt, you can look forward to 102 kilometres of slopes: the ski resorts are served by 20 ski lifts.

In the list of the best ski resorts in Andermatt, the ski resort Andermatt/Sedrun – Nätschen/Gütsch/Oberalp is one of the top ones. The largest ski resorts offer up to 70 kilometres of slopes (Andermatt/Sedrun – Nätschen/Gütsch/Oberalp). The highest ski resorts for skiing in Andermatt extend up to an altitude of 2,961 metres (Gemsstock – Andermatt).

The SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun consists of three ski resorts. The Andermatt side offers the Gemsstock and Andermatt-Gütsch-Schneehünerstock resorts, on the Sedrun side of the range visitors enjoy the Milez-Oberalp resort. All three ski areas are linked by the Matterhorn Gotthard trainline. The broad slopes are perfect for young skiers, but the area also attracts older skiers and adventure seekers with Fun Park, Halfpipe and Crosspark – so plenty to offer all around.

Skiing on Andermatt

Andermatt’s local ski area is on the Gemstock and Natschen with another small ski area nearby included on the lift pass, and providing over 120km of piste skiing and plenty of off-piste. Andermatt offers varied terrain and degree of difficulty, and best for intermediate, advanced and expert skiers.

Being one of the most snow-sure resorts in Switzerland, Andermatt provides quite simply ‘awesome’ ski terrain, known for high levels of snow on steep challenging terrain. Not ideal for beginners or even mileage-hungry piste skiers, there has until now been little in the way of gentle well-groomed slopes, however the new fast lift systems planned will help riders access more of the mountains’ relaxing terrain.

Skiing on Gemsstock

The jewel in the crown of Andermatt’s skiing, remains the majestic, north-facing, snowy mountain on the other side of town, the 2,961m high Gemsstock mountain. This is the home of the famous Bernhard Russi black run and the legendary off-piste routes such as Giraffe and Geissberg, but there are red runs too.This high altitude mountain is the main attraction for skiers looking to visit Andermatt ski area. A freeriders’ haven with guaranteed snow and outstanding conditions attract steep-slope lovers from around the world. A climb of 1500 metres leads up from Andermatt on-board a 2-section cableway via Gurschenalp to reach the summit at 2,961m. With a glacier piste which is rarely groomed and off-piste routes like Giraffe and the famous Bernhard Russi Run, when there is a fresh dump of snow, it makes for an amazing freeride experience.
Beneath the cable car is a north-facing bowl of long, steep slopes with good snow covering, made up of off-piste routes, a ski route and a piste. However although sounding intimidating and traitorous, intermediates shouldn’t be afraid of Gemsstock. Outside the bowl heading down Felsental or Guspis towards Hospental you’ll find a nice, open red run away from the lifts named Sonnenpiste with again more off-piste opportunities. Once at the mid-station of Gurschen, back down to the village there are some short blues, a long but gentle black and a not-so-steep but tricky black to play around on. In terms of mountain restaurants, this mountain and resort is lacking, with one restaurant at the Gurschen mid station; the overly busy Gurschen Hut offers a table-service section.

Skiing on Natschen

One of the mountains in the Gotthard Oberalp Arena with a highest point of 2,345m, Nätschen has 4 ski lifts and 11 runs, approximately totalling 21km of ski pistes. Although not as challenging as Gemsstock, this sunny mountain offers a variety of terrain, with black runs and off-piste routes to long, open blue slopes. From Andermatt there is a 2-man chairlift that takes you to the middle-station, from here you have to decide whether to stick on the cruisy runs back down to the village or strive higher up to more steep and difficult territory. The Nätschen middle-station has a detachable 4-man chairlift and a drag lift taking you nearer the summit, area known as Gütsch, to then be accompanied by another drag lift to take you to the top. Primarily for intermediates onwards, this mountain caters for all levels, even from Gütsch at the top end of the mountain, a very long, gentle blue run sweeps down the entire mountain face back to Andermatt village.


This interesting ski resort is family friendly and especially suited to intermediate skiers. Serviced by five drag lifts and four chairlifts this mountain has 50km of ski terrain to cover, with 35km of that classed as medium difficulty. At the top of Cuolm Val there are a host of long red runs back down towards Milez and Mulinatsch, or even left towards Val Val valley. Also due to a modern snowmaking system in place here, snow-security isn’t a problem and you will find good conditions throughout the season.
Snowpark Valtgeva is right beside the town of Sedrun, this learning hill has two T-bar lifts and a carpet ride for novices. This gentle terrain allows complete beginners to get the basics done without having to brave going right up the mountain on the chairlift for the first time.


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