John Schwartz

Trip Captain


vals11Enjoying the breakfast line in the local bakery, knowing that it will  be the longest one you will have all day.

Having your lungs thank you for inhaling the ultra clean alpine mountain fresh air.

Experiencing the total absence of sound in the outback, kilometer after kilometer, apart from your skis carving through the soft but firm spring snow.

Feeling as though your ski day is far too short, even though you have had your ski boots on for 9 hours straight.

Knowing that your bank account may not put you in the upper 1%, but that while you are here, you truly are the richest person in the world.




Three types of Apartments:
Studio for 2: 595€
Studio for 3: 495€
Studio for 4-445€

2 room  Apt for 3:535€
2 room Apt for 4: 455€

3 room Apt for 4: 510€
3 room Apt for 5: 455€

The prices are based on the number of people in the apt.  Kids under 3 are free.  Otherwise, the price above are per person, regardless of age.

Meals also not included as you have fully equipped kitchens so you can eat in or out as you like.
Ski pass not included.

All units fully equipped with all kitchen utensils, balconies, ski lockers.
Free ski safaris including Black Run Day, Off-Piste Day, and the famous 10,000 vertical meter ski safari.

Special Offer;

Ski Val Thorens for the children’s rate!

Imagine skiing for a week and paying the children’s rate for the ski pass.
Now imagine getting this rate at the best ski area in the world.
Yes, this is what we can offer you for the 3 Valleys week in 2019.

The package prices (apt., transportation, safaris, and events) are same or even cheaper in some cases for the apartments and bus.
But the BIG DEAL here is for the ski pass.


Book and Buy Ski pass before 31 December, if you book and pay the € 200.- p/P apt.deposit AND your ski pass before 30.12.2018, the 6 day 3VALLLEY! skipass will cost € 244.- and the 7 day will cost € 283.-

Not sure if you want to ski 6 or 7 days? In this case, you can pay only for the 6 day pass and tell us before 10 March if you wish to make it 7 days. In this case, we will only charge you the difference based on your date of original payment. The extension to expand the Val Thorens skipass to the entire 3 Valleys will cost €37.- for each day that you leave Val Thorens so if you go out of the valley even one day, the VT -only pass is more expensive than our 3 Valleys rates.





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